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Welcome to IFTDSS

Welcome to the Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System (IFTDSS). IFTDSS is a web-based software and data integration framework that organizes previously existing and newly developed fire and fuels software applications to make fuels treatment planning and analysis more efficient and effective. IFTDSS provides fuels specialists and planners access to a variety of data and models, all in one place, through one user interface with the structure to pass data (inputs and outputs) easily between models and to reuse and share their work products, and provides a consistent analysis framework for all users.

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) sponsored the design, prototype, early development, and evaluation of IFTDSS beginning in 2008 and continuing through 2013. JFSP worked closely with fuels managers throughout that time period, garnering feedback to ensure that IFTDSS was focused on user needs and priorities. These efforts were recently acknowledged when the Wildland Fire Information and Technology (WFIT) Executive Board formally approved IFTDSS on May 30, 2014, for further planning and development toward eventual operational deployment. Under the governance of WFIT, as a shared Department of the Interior (DOI) and USDA Forest Service (FS) system, IFTDSS will integrate information and technology under the vegetation/fuels line of business of the interagency wildland fire program being sponsored by the Interagency Fuels Management Committee (FMC). The managing partner is DOI with the Wildland Fire Management Research Development & Application (WFMRD&A) team providing management for IFTDSS going forward.

Benefits of IFTDSS

IFTDSS provides a single portal for access to several sources of data and models for fuels treatment planning. IFTDSS reduces or eliminates the amount of time a user needs to spend learning new interfaces and transforming data, it provides workflows that organize the business needs of fuels treatment planners, it allows planners to efficiently reuse and share their work products, and it provides a consistent analysis framework for all users.

IFTDSS Has Been Approved!

IFTDSS version 2.0 beta is available for testing and evaluation. IFTDSS will be managed in beta test mode for the next two years, with full operational deployment planned for 2017. You are invited and encouraged to become an IFTDSS beta tester by requesting an account on the IFTDSS homepage using the link located at the top of this page as much capability currently exists within IFTDSS to help you with your job. Additionally, to help improve IFTDSS, please provide comments, suggestions, and any other input through the IFTDSS feedback link located on the top right side of each IFTDSS screen. If you have questions about IFTDSS, please use the Contact Us link below.

Extensive guidance from a broad range of fuels treatment specialists over the past five years has resulted in the identification of four critically important workflow processes:

  1. Hazard Analysis
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Fuels Treatment Assessment
  4. Prescribed Burn Planning

What's New?

IFTDSS version 2.0 beta was originally released in October 2012. Since that time, several enhancements have been made including:

  • Ability to upload polygon Shapefiles for use in hazard, risk, and treatment assessments
  • General usability and performance enhancements

Coming Soon

The following IFTDSS enhancements are coming soon:

  • LANDFIRE 2010 data including Alaska
  • Ability to upload and download custom landscape files
  • Improved reporting features

In its current form, there are still a number of improvements that need to be made before IFTDSS can be considered fully operational. With continued enhancements, IFTDSS could eventually become an official system of record for federal fuels treatment planning, and be available for non-federal users as well.

For more information about IFTDSS please visit the FRAMES website: https://www.frames.gov/partner-sites/iftdss/iftdss-home/.

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